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EIB450 controller Wall Mount Test/Locate/Silence/Memory Control (10-year Lithium battery)

$159.00 each Brand: Brooks AlarmsBrooks Alarms

The EIB450 controller provides for an effortless method of testing, silencing and locating triggered smoke alarms without the need to reach up to the alarms on the ceiling.

EIB450 Alarm Controller:

  • Provides alarm and fault indicators for Fire (Smoke or Heat) and CO
  • Provides low battery indicator to indicate that EIB450 has reached its end of life (EOL).
  • Tests all Alarms from a centralised location when the Alarms are in idle condition.
  • Locates active Alarm by silencing all the Alarms except the one sensing Fire or CO.
  • After Locating the active Alarm, pressing the button will Silence this active Alarm(s).
  • Diagnostic and Memory functions is only enabled when the mode button on the bottom of EIB450 is pressed. It allows for an extended two minute test to be selected and also allows for a previously triggered Alarm to be identified, this feature is known as the Memory feature.

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