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There is a house fire in Australia that occurs approximately every 24 minutes, and most of them go unnoticed at night until it is too late. Considering this risk, it’s not worth ignoring any fire safety and protection for your family.

Maintaining a smoke alarm is more than just changing the battery and testing the alarm with a stick or by pressing the ‘battery test’ button. You need to know that it will actually work in a fire.

Advanced Smoke Alarms offers an all-inclusive package for residential properties. Whether a one-off service or maintenance on an annual plan, our team guarantees the functioning of your fire protection mechanisms and safety of your home.


Without a functioning smoke alarm, the probability of heavy property damage or loss is 57% higher.

Don’t put your tenants and your landlord’s asset at risk. Manage your duty-of-care and your obligation by law. Did you also know that if you do not comply with the relevant smoke alarm legislation and regulations, your insurance company may have the right to deny you cover in the event of a fire which results in injury or death of the occupants of a residence?

Practice a proper fire escape plan, abide by the regulations for your fire protection and team up with Advanced Smoke Alarms to cover your fire hazard requirements to keep your properties up to standard.

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Complete servicing on your smoke detectors as part of our annual subscription, including:
  • Correct quantity and quality of smoke alarms are installed
  • Correct positioning of smoke alarms
  • Clearing Ventilation holes of obstructions such as insects
  • Checking the expiry date of every alarm.
  • Full function test on every alarm including testing the alarm with artificial smoke
  • Issuing a certificate of compliance for the property
  • Unlimited visits per year
Our all-inclusive fee is fixed so you can rest assured there are no hidden extra charges and absolutely no more to pay.


Maintenance and updates that our team provides include the following:
  • Checking the location and number of alarms required as per building codes
  • Replace all alarms that are not properly working (a fee will be charged)
  • Cleaning alarms and replacing batteries
  • Expiry dates and replacing them when necessary
  • Fully functioning test with artificial smoke
  • Issuing a compliance certificate
Schedule return within 12 months (or at the change of tenancy)
We are fortunate to be one of the preferred companies of many real estate agencies here in Townsville and we aim to provide a service like none other.